Welcome to Sivaya

At Sivaya, we empower you to bring your vision to life.
We believe that magic happens when you connect genuine talent with profound businesses.


Sivaya bridges the gap between vision and strategic execution. We grow positive social impact companies, and those creating leading-edge solutions to tomorrow’s most significant challenges.


Connect. Develop. Impact.

Sivaya was born from a fervent passion for connecting genuine people and talent to profound social impact companies who are positively affecting change.

At Sivaya, we are dedicated to our clients. Every client is treated with equal respect, care, and attention.

We meditate on big decisions; we are thoughtful, insightful, and multifaceted in our approach. 

We set bold goals, and deliver. We collaborate to set clearly defined expectations with our clients, and work meticulously to achieve them.
We are passionate about catalyzing positive social change.


Empowering and fuelling the momentum of social impact (individuals, teams, and companies) to affect fundamental change on a global scale.




At Sivaya, we work in partnership with your company managers to ensure that hiring needs are being fulfilled. We believe in exploring the unknown, and offer an innovative and meticulous approach when it comes to finding the best talent for you to grow your business. Post hire, we remain an integral part of the on-boarding process and conduct regular check in’s to gauge both employee and company development.


We view creativity as crucial to our role in understanding your vision, and use any vehicle to deliver it to you. We help you determine how your business will grow, and where that growth will come from. Our approach is a focused and measured strategy tailored to your specific needs. Our motivation is the delivery of promised results, and ultimately, scaling your success.




Sanjay Behal

Sanjay’s dedication to empowering his clients to achieve their personal and professional goals is innate. An industry expert with over 10 years of experience in business development and recruitment, Sanjay quickly realized his ineffable ability to work closely with his clients to understand and identify their core needs and deliver to them unique and effective solutions. 
Sanjay’s diverse experience with companies ranges from start ups to established boutique clientele, and he leverages his extensive network across North America enabling him to deliver proven success to his clients.
Sanjay’s love for nurturing and fostering genuine long-lasting relationships inevitably led him to the social impact arena where he has become committed to affecting change through developing, and growing positive social impact companies.

Let's connect.

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